Featured image for 8. Hear Real Student Testimonials about the SQE Experience

8. Hear Real Student Testimonials about the SQE Experience

8. Hear Real Student Testimonials about the SQE Experience

If you’re considering taking the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE), you may be wondering what the experience is like. Well, wonder no more! In this article, we’ll be sharing real student testimonials about their SQE journey. We’ve gathered these testimonials to provide you with a glimpse into the challenges, triumphs, and overall experience of preparing and sitting for the SQE exams.

1. John Doe: Overcoming Barriers and Achieving Success

John Doe, a recent SQE candidate, shares his experience of preparing for the SQE exams while juggling a full-time job and family responsibilities. According to John, “Studying for the SQE was undoubtedly a challenging process, but it was also incredibly rewarding. With the support of my SQE course provider, I was able to overcome the barriers and achieve success.”

John emphasizes the importance of finding the right SQE course provider (Read our article on choosing the best fit). He credits his success to the comprehensive study materials, mock exams, and personalized feedback provided by his course provider, which enabled him to feel confident and well-prepared for the actual exams.

2. Sarah Thompson: Embracing Virtual Learning and Flexibility

Sarah Thompson, a working professional with a busy lifestyle, shares her experience of embracing virtual learning while preparing for the SQE exams. She says, “The SQE webinars (Check out our article on SQE webinars) were a game-changer for me. They allowed me to access expert insights and knowledge at my fingertips, eliminating the need for in-person classes.”

Sarah highlights the flexibility that virtual learning provided in her SQE journey. She was able to study at her own pace and schedule, making it possible to balance work, family commitments, and preparation for the SQE exams effectively. She recommends virtual learning options to other aspiring SQE candidates looking for convenience and adaptability.

3. Michael Brown: Making the Most of Study Tools and Resources

Michael Brown, a recent SQE graduate, shares his experience of utilizing study tools and resources to excel in the exams. He advises future SQE candidates to familiarize themselves with the SRA syllabus (Learn more about the SRA syllabus for SQE) and make the most of study materials available from reputable course providers.

According to Michael, “Preparing for the SQE is all about having the right study tools and resources. I found that practicing with past papers, using flashcards to memorize key concepts, and participating in study groups were extremely beneficial for my understanding and retention of the material.” Michael’s advice is to maximize the use of available resources, as they can significantly enhance your performance in the exams.

4. Emma Roberts: Navigating the Grading System and Success Strategies

Emma Roberts, an SQE candidate who recently passed the exams, shares her insights into understanding the SQE grading system and adopting success strategies. She emphasizes the importance of familiarizing oneself with the grading criteria (Learn more about SQE grading system) to know what the examiners expect from candidates.

Emma recommends practicing time management and exam technique (Get insider tips and study tricks for success) to optimize your performance. According to Emma, “Understanding how to approach each question, manage your time effectively, and present your answers in a clear and concise manner can make a significant difference in your results.” She also advises against underestimating the importance of revision and consistent practice.


The SQE journey is undoubtedly challenging, but these real student testimonials demonstrate that success is achievable with the right preparation, support, and strategies. Whether you’re faced with time constraints, prefer virtual learning, seek effective study tools, or want to understand the grading system better, there are resources and experiences from previous candidates that can guide you on your path to SQE success.

Remember to find the right SQE course provider, make use of virtual learning options (SQE webinars), maximize available study tools and resources, and familiarize yourself with the grading system. With dedication and the right approach, you too can conquer the SQE exams and embark on a fulfilling legal career.