Featured image for 37. Financial Aid and Scholarships for SQE: Support for Aspiring Solicitors

37. Financial Aid and Scholarships for SQE: Support for Aspiring Solicitors

37. Financial Aid and Scholarships for SQE: Support for Aspiring Solicitors

For aspiring solicitors, the road to becoming qualified can be challenging and costly. With the introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE), the financial burden can feel overwhelming. However, there are various financial aid options and scholarships available to support those pursuing their dreams in the legal profession. In this article, we will explore some of these opportunities and provide valuable resources for SQE candidates.

1. SQE Scholarships

Many law firms, professional organizations, and educational institutions offer scholarships specifically for SQE candidates. These scholarships aim to alleviate the financial burden of the examination and provide support to those who demonstrate academic excellence, financial need, or a commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal field.

If you are considering taking the SQE, it is worth researching and applying for these scholarships. The financial assistance they provide can make a significant difference in covering the costs associated with preparation materials, exam fees, and study resources.

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2. Bursaries and Grants

In addition to scholarships, aspiring solicitors may be eligible for bursaries and grants offered by law schools, legal charities, and other funding bodies. These financial aids are typically based on a combination of merit, financial need, and other qualifying criteria.

Law schools often have their own internal bursary and grant programs designed to support their students. These can cover tuition fees or provide living allowances, helping to reduce the financial strain while studying for the SQE.

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3. Student Loans

For those unable to secure scholarships, bursaries, or grants, student loans can be a viable option to cover SQE-related expenses. In the UK, the Student Loans Company (SLC) offers financial assistance to students pursuing higher education.

While student loans need to be repaid, they often come with favorable interest rates and flexible repayment terms to ensure the burden remains manageable for graduates. It is important to research and fully understand the terms and conditions of any loan before accepting it.

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4. Part-Time Employment and Work-Study Programs

If you prefer a more independent approach to funding your SQE journey, consider exploring part-time employment or work-study programs. By working part-time while studying, you can earn income to cover your expenses.

Many law firms, legal clinics, and educational institutions offer work-study programs that allow students to gain practical experience while earning an income. These opportunities can be an excellent way to supplement your finances and develop valuable skills simultaneously.

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5. Crowdfunding and Sponsorship

In recent years, crowdfunding has become a popular method for individuals to raise funds for various purposes, including education. If you have a compelling story or a unique perspective, crowdfunding platforms can provide a means to appeal to others for financial support.

Additionally, seek sponsorship opportunities from law firms, professional associations, or even family and friends who may be willing to contribute to your SQE journey.


While pursuing a career in law can be financially challenging, there are numerous financial aid options and scholarships available to alleviate the burden for SQE candidates. Whether you qualify for scholarships, secure bursaries and grants, explore student loans, find part-time employment, or leverage crowdfunding and sponsorship, it is essential to explore all available avenues and make informed decisions.

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