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13. Solicitor Career Path: Advancing with the SQE

13. Solicitor Career Path: Advancing with the SQE

Aspiring solicitors have long looked to the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) as the gateway to a rewarding career in law. With the recent changes to the qualification process, it is important for law graduates and professionals to understand the new career path and how to advance in their legal journey.

In this article, we will explore the various stages of the solicitor career path and how the SQE fits into the picture. We will also discuss the benefits of the SQE and provide actionable tips for success. So, let’s dive in!

The Solicitor Career Path

The path to becoming a solicitor has traditionally involved completing a law degree, undertaking the Legal Practice Course (LPC), and then gaining two years of training through a training contract. However, starting from 2021, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has introduced the SQE, which has brought about significant changes to the career progression.

The SQE has replaced the LPC and aims to create a more flexible and accessible route to qualification. It consists of two stages: SQE1 and SQE2.


SQE1 focuses on testing practical legal knowledge and is an assessment of legal principles and procedure. It consists of multiple-choice questions and written tasks that evaluate your legal knowledge and application skills.

To prepare for SQE1, candidates may find it helpful to attend SQE webinars, such as those offered by SQE Exam Law. These webinars provide expert insights and essential knowledge to unlock success in the exam.[1]

It is worth mentioning that the SRA does not specify any specific academic qualification requirements to take the SQE. This means that graduates from non-law backgrounds can also pursue a career in law through the SQE route.


SQE2 examines practical legal skills, such as client interviewing, case and matter analysis, legal research, legal writing, and advocacy. It focuses on the application of legal knowledge and requires candidates to demonstrate their ability to perform various legal tasks.

Preparing for SQE2 requires comprehensive training, and selecting the best-fit SQE course provider is crucial. A thorough review of SQE course providers can help you choose the one that aligns with your learning style and career goals.[2]

The Benefits of the SQE

The introduction of the SQE brings several benefits to aspiring solicitors:

  1. Accessibility: The SQE removes the need for an expensive LPC, making qualification more accessible to a wider pool of candidates. This opens up opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue a legal career.
  2. Flexibility: The SQE allows candidates to take the exams in stages, giving them the flexibility to study and work simultaneously. This option is advantageous for those looking to gain practical legal experience alongside their studies.
  3. Employability: Qualifying through the SQE demonstrates to employers that you have the necessary core knowledge and skills to succeed in a legal career. As the SQE is designed by the SRA, it carries a strong reputation within the legal industry.

Tips for Success in the SQE

1. Start Early: Begin your preparation as early as possible to give yourself ample time to cover all the required materials. Develop a study plan and stick to it.

2. Utilize Resources: Take advantage of SQE webinars and expert insights to enhance your understanding of the exam content and gain valuable tips for success.[1]

3. Practice, Practice, Practice: The SQE is a practical assessment, so practicing legal tasks and scenarios is crucial. Engaging in mock exams and practical exercises will help you build your skills and confidence.

4. Time Management: Develop effective time management techniques to ensure you can complete each exam within the allocated time limits. This skill is essential for success in both SQE1 and SQE2.

5. Take Care of Your Well-being: Maintain a healthy work-life balance and prioritize self-care during your preparation. Engage in activities that relax and rejuvenate you to stay focused and motivated.

For more insider tips and study tricks for success in the SQE, check out our article on “Conquer the SQE: Insider Tips and Study Tricks for Success.”[4]


The introduction of the SQE has brought about significant changes to the solicitor career path. By understanding the stages of the SQE and the benefits it offers, aspiring solicitors can navigate their way to qualification more efficiently.

Remember to take advantage of available resources, such as SQE webinars, for expert insights and knowledge. Selecting the right SQE course provider that suits your learning style is essential for successful preparation.

With careful planning, dedicated preparation, and a focus on well-being, you can advance in your legal career with the SQE and open doors to exciting opportunities. Good luck!

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